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Real Estate Law

In Germany, real estate is the most important asset of most families. It is both, an investment and residential space, where private life unfolds.

At the same time, real estate is an economic good of growing importance. In the last years, the German real estate market has become the focus of international financial and strategic investors, which results in portfolios worth millions of Euros changing owners all at once.

Lastly, real estate is affected by Public law. If a homeowner wants to remodel or repurpose their property, the required permits need to be obtained. Permits are also necessary with regards to legal regulations on planning and the development of construction projects.

We are dedicated to Real Estate law and offer advice about all areas of the law that are relevant in this context. We represent all players involved in real estate, like builders, developers, investors, architects, contractors, fund initiators and financing banks.

These are our main focuses:

  • Private and public construction law
  • Construction processes and official approval procedures
  • Official ordinances
  • Encumbrances
  • Urban planning
  • Leases
  • Utilization of real estate
  • Building permit processes
  • Project development
  • Sales and purchases of real estate
  • Transfer of real estate (especially lifetime transfers of property)
  • Land charges
  • Rights of use (usufruct, rights of residence)
  • Assignment of claims
  • Financing and securing construction projects
  • Right of preemption
  • Brokerage law

As you can tell from this enumeration, real estate cases can be very diverse and complex. To guarantee proficiency, our team has at least one expert for every aspect of real estate law.

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