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Law of succession

Wir beraten und unterstützen Sie im Zusammenhang mit der Entwicklung von Testamenten, Erb- und Schenkungsverträgen. Eine sorgfältige Beratung zu Lebzeiten garantiert Familien- und Rechtsfrieden. Wir unterstützen Sie bei der Auseinandersetzung von Erbengemeinschaften und – wenn es dazu kommt – auch bei der außergerichtlichen und gerichtlichen Durchsetzung Ihrer Erb-/Pflichtteilsansprüche oder ihrer Abwehr, hierzu gehören insbesondere Auskunfts- wie auch die Zahlungsansprüche.

In some cases, it might be advisable to disclaim the inheritance. We offer advice in these cases, too.

Not every community of heirs is suitable for partitioning. Sometimes the economic value is derived from the continuation of a community of heirs. We will represent your interests in this regard.

You might not have become heir, but legatee. The claims you are entitled to can be difficult to identify and pursue. We offer our advice in these cases.

The deceased has made donations to third parties during their lifetime. These donations may impact you legally and economically, regardless of whether you have become heir, were disinherited, or limited to a compulsory share. We provide professional legal advice on these issues.

The articles of association, especially of a GmbH (limited liability company) or GmbH & Co. KG (limited partnership with a limited liability company as a general partner), can impact not only the heirs, but also the company in the case of death of a shareholder. The interests of all parties should be coordinated early on, to prevent disputes in relation to the company or inheritance. We have the necessary expertise in both complex areas of the law.

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