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Intellectual and industrial property rights protection, specifically patent law, licenses and trademark law

We advise you on all legal matters regarding the protection of intellectual and industrial property. This protection may be achieved with patents, registered designs or trademarks. Copyright and competition law also offer certain more general forms of protection, if no protective rights have been obtained.

To assess the different options and to achieve optimal results for our clients is at the core of our work, as well as the defense against unjustified claims.

Responsible lawyers

This is important, as protective rights might contain loopholes that need to be avoided – or in the case of defense: utilized.

Our services include drafting national and transnational contracts in the German and English language, in particular licensing agreements. Especially in cross-border cases, it is vital to possess an awareness for potential problems, to be able to prepare for possible conflicts. We only make use of legal technicalities where it is necessary for business purposes, but otherwise focus on the mercantile orientation of contracts.

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