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Corporate Law

We offer counselling and representation in all corporate legal matters and advise all parties and rights holders involved.

This includes the company itself, its shareholders, its legal representatives (e.g., CEO and board), as well as supervisory bodies (supervisory board, advisory board etc.), but of course also loan providers (credit institutions, private lenders, investors etc.).

The formation of a company oftentimes is a far-reaching and pathbreaking decision. With this in mind, choosing the appropriate legal form (partnership or corporation) is essential. Additionally, within these two main types of companies, there are further different legal forms like the GbR (private company), the OHG (general partnership) and the Kommanditgesellschaft (partly limited partnership), as subtypes of partnerships and the GmbH (limited liability company), the Unternehmergesellschaft (haftungsbeschränkt) (entrepreneurial company (limited liability)) and the Aktiengesellschaft (stock corporation) as different types of corporations.

We advise you before and during the formation of a company, as well as throughout its existence or a potential liquidation. This includes drafting the articles of association, the preparation and execution of shareholder meetings and, if applicable, the restructuring of companies in accordance with the Umwandlungsgesetz (Tranformation Act) (e.g., in cases of mergers, divisions, hive-downs, transformations or the formation of control agreements and profit and loss absorption agreements). Furthermore, this includes corporate actions, capital increases, shareholder loans (potentially in combination with subordination) and other methods of financing and financial hedging.

But also, legal relationships between a company and its bodies, like CEO employment contracts and contractual relationships with third parties are matters that are among the services offered by our law firm, to any of the involved parties.

Another important aspect of corporate law are corporate transactions (so called M&A processes). We offer expert legal advice for all the potentially involved parties. We participate in due diligence and draft contracts, as well as offer consultation regarding the mode of sale, e.g. a so called share deal (in which company shares are sold or acquired) or an asset deal (in which the assets of a company are sold or acquired). Naturally, there may also be disputes within a company.

Disputes among shareholders often arise because of differing opinions regarding the future of the company or breaches of duty within the shareholder structure or its legal representatives. In this context, we offer legal advice for all potential parties.

We always aim for a timely resolution of legal issues with our services, so that our clients can resolve disputes in a cost efficient and legally and economically optimal way. If possible, our goal is always to prevent disputes entirely, by taking preventative measures.

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