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Notary in Ibbenbüren – BNotarizations, contracts, resolutions and more

A notary offers nonpartisan services to citizens for important legal arrangements. He assesses legal matters and informs the involved parties about their rights and obligations). If you are dealing with contracts, other legal acts, declarations or resolutions that need to be authorized by a notary, our firm offers notarial services and has experienced staff members that will gladly assist you with the preparation and implementation of the necessary steps, at any time.

Our notarial services xtend to any type of legal process that requires notarization. From general legal acts to matters of succession and corporate cases. We will assist you expeditiously, competently and unbureaucratically!

Notarizations in the area of Ibbenbüren and Münster – Successful and experienced notary

Our notary will take on various matters, including notarizations and issues regarding succession and corporate law. Here are some examples for common notarial tasks:

General matters of notarization – the notarization of:

  • Sales contracts
  • Property developer contracts
  • Transfer contracts
  • Land charges, mortgages, and easements
  • Enduring powers of attorney and living will
  • Farm handovers
  • Marriage and Partnership Contracts

Matters of succession – notarization of::

  • Wills
  • Contracts of inheritance
  • Severance payment contracts
  • Disclaimer of inheritance
  • Application for a certificate of inheritance
  • Erbauseinandersetzungen

Corporate law – Notarization of:

  • Formation of company
  • Articles of Association
  • Protocols of shareholders and general meetings
  • VChanges of the Articles of Association (e.g., appointment or dismissal of CEO’s, general commercial power of representation)
  • Mergers, divisions and changes of legal form in accordance with the Umwandlungsgesetz (Transformation Act)

Complicated and important legal issues should be handled by an experienced counsel. The offered advice needs to be independent and non-partisan. The parties of a legal dispute are free to act as they wish. They are not obliged to act on the advice given, it is just an objective recommendation of action.

The Partnership Lux, Bücker und Dignas seated in Ibbenbüren near Münster, convinces with a strong team consisting of an experienced notary and lawyers. The leading firm advises clients on various legal issues. Contact your legal advisor at: oder +49 (0) 5451-94550.

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