Our law firm consists of qualified and highly motivated lawyers with many years of professional practice.

We have an extensive field of practice that enables us to assist you in a wide range of areas of law. Due to our numerous special qualifications in the respective fields of law, we can provide legal counseling on the highest level.

To satisfy the demands of the growing internationalisation and global interconnection, our lawyers are at least bilingual, wich allows us to represent our clients on an international level.

The guiding principles of our work are the high professional standard to which we hold ourselves, the economically efficacious and quick processing of our clients cases and the continous counseling by the responsible lawyer, who considers him-/herself to be your expert dialouge partner and represents your interests individually and with the necessary personal commitment. This also includes the good availability of your lawyer.

We don't hide behind the “team”, we emphasize the individual personality of each lawyer. Especially with bigger commercial mandates it certainly frequently becomes necessary to form project-based units, but you will always be provided with a laywer who is your main responsible counselor.

In additon to giving you legal advice, your lawyer is your dialouge partner and represents you in negotiations, extrajudicial mediation and litigation. Success is often significantly dependent on the negotiating skills and the individual handling of the case by the lawyer. After all, the chosen counselor acts as a figurehead for the client.

On that note, all our lawyers are experienced personalities who guarantee a consistently high standard of their work with their continuous further training and upskilling. The qualification and specialization of our lawyers is substantiated by doctoral degrees, their numerous certifications in the fields of law they have specialised in and additional qualifications, as for example the LL.M. title.

Lastly, due to the professional and personal backgrounds of our lawyers, our law firm has excellent relations to the judiciary, economy and politics that are available to our case work. If there is a need to find suitable partners for projects or plans, we are happy to rely on our extensive network.

Find out more about our work in the category “practice areas” and see the profiles of our “lawyers” for yourselves.